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Unveiling the Future: The Intersection of AI and HR

In a rapidly evolving digital age, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its mark across various sectors, and Human Resources (HR) is no exception. At Corporate Training Unlimited, a division of CTU, we recently had the privilege of hosting a masterclass to delve into this fascinating amalgamation. Guided by the expertise of Professor Johan Steyn, a renowned AI advocate, the session offered profound insights into the transformative potential of AI within HR practices.

Key takeaways highlighted the undeniable prowess of AI in enhancing HR functions. While it cannot replicate the intrinsic human touch, its capability to streamline tasks and open doors to advanced utilities is impressive. Furthermore, ethical adoption and thoughtful deployment of AI emerged as essential themes.

But perhaps the most compelling insight was a projection into the future: A dynamic HR landscape where professionals adeptly manage both human teams and AI counterparts. As Prof. Johan Steyn aptly remarked, “AI will never replace HR, but it might replace HR professionals who don’t embrace AI!”

For a deeper dive into this captivating intersection of AI and HR, we invite you to read the full article: or watch the webinar here:

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