Utilise Your Bursary Funding at CTU

Companies awarding bursaries to students can do this for traditional full-time training (day, facilitator-led classes from Monday to Friday) or the newly developed Full Qualification Part Time model (hybrid training, evening & Saturday classes) with a flexible timetable for the working individual.

The outcome of both options includes a national qualification and international certification. Both options require the student to complete a specific duration of workplace experience providing vital industry skills and understanding upon the completion of the course.

5 great reasons for companies to fund employee bursaries:

It is a great way of giving back.

Funding a bursary means it your company is strengthening and enhancing the company.

Pivotal Claim on Mandatory Grants

with the annual submission of your WSP/ATR companies will record the bursary on their pivotal report which will allow them to claim mandatory grant currently at 20% of the skills levies paid.

Discretionary Grant

The SETA's award discretionary grant to companies to assist with bursary funding. Assistance with bursary grants from SETA can count towards your BEE spend.

B-BBEE score level

Gain 4 points on your Skills Development Element on the BEE Scorecard if you spend 2.5% of the leviable amount on bursaries.

Tax benefits

In terms of the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962 as amended, a bona fide bursary or scholarship granted to an employee or relatives shall be exempt from tax within certain limits and provided certain conditions are met.

CTU offers various qualifications available for bursary sponsorship


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