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Upskilling the existing workforce is vital for securing a business’s future and ensuring it remains competitive. If you or your employees are well trained they’ll be more productive, leading to increased efficiency, and higher profits for your business. Gear up for the 4th industrial revolution with our leading skills Learnerships; not only addressing IT skills gap in the industry, but also assisting with your BBBEE transformation imperatives.

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Short Courses/Hybrid Learning

Short courses present the perfect opportunity to upskill. Classes are presented during the day, evening and Saturdays. International certifications are obtainable after passing the international exams written at the international testing centres located at the CTU campus. Short learning programmes are not credit-bearing courses.

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B-BBEE Maximization

We have B-BBEE experts available to assist in ensuring that learnership interventions are implemented in a manner that maximizes the B-BBEE scorecard. Points are based on a Generic Scorecard. There is an array of benefits that include redeeming your SD spend / BBBEE points which vary dependent on intervention / Tax rebates / skills attainment and growth both internally and externally / 4Ir readiness / youth unemployment / community support and development / the inclusive market based system both in Africa and globally (i.e. international certs and graduates)

Learning Methodology

Hybrid Learning

CTU's hybrid approach includes a mix of classroom instruction, online activities with O'Reilly books and CampusOnline, as well as group and research activities.

Flipped Classroom

Blending online and face-to-face learning. Learners watch lecture videos independently to grasp new concepts before class.


Group & Research

The hybrid instruction method encourages participant interaction with content and learning activities in group and research classes.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Embracing Microsoft Teams

We use Microsoft Teams as a virtual classroom for interactive lecturer-led teaching. Live training sessions include whiteboard and recording capabilities. Lecturers can assist participants by accessing their computers. Theory classes are conducted virtually nationwide. Flipped classroom approach: Learn at home, practice virtually or in-person.

Quality Education from Expert Lecturers

Subject matter experts serve as lecturers, not limited to campus enrollment. CTU adheres to a national academic standard, ensuring consistent education quality. Lecturers meet uniform criteria and use the same academic content. Academic Management at Head Office monitors adherence to the standard. Participants receive high-quality education, irrespective of location.

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Flexible Learning: Campus or Virtual, Same Dedication

Attend practical, group, and lab sessions on campus or virtually. Equal investment: Both methodologies receive equivalent work and time. On-campus attendance: Minimum two days a week for practical, group, and lab classes. Support options: Facilitator support available virtually or on-campus, based on appointments or the academic schedule.

Personalized Support for Your Success

One-on-one participant support sessions with facilitators available virtually or on campus. Subject matter experts facilitate various learning outcomes per module and learning unit. Participants may have different lecturers for various modules or learning units. Individualized support to ensure participants' success in their learning journey.

Included in all qualifications

Face to Face Communication-Making Human Connections
in a Technology-Driven World

Business problem-solving

Creativity and innovation

Critical thinking


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