A work-based route to obtaining a qualification

A learnership is an education and training programme comprising of both structured practical workplace (on-the-job) experience and structured theoretical training. The duration of a learnership is approximately twelve months and results in a full national qualification. 

Do you represent a company that require Skills Development
solutions through learnerships?

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Remember to ensure your CV includes your contact details and relevant personal information such as your ID number.

IMPORTANT! We will contact YOU directly as soon as we have learnership opportunities available. Learnerships are limited to schedule and availability and qualifying criteria.

CTU has over 12 registered learnerships, ranging from ICT, to Business, to Contact Centre Qualifications and more – up to NQF Level 6.

All Training is Instructor-Led

Market relevant content and aligned to international certification.

Continuous assessment and moderation.

Verification to be requested within 30 days after completion of qualification.

A Win-Win Solution for Businesses and Employees

There are immediate benefits to upskilling employees on learnerships for the employer AND the employee:

Upskilling of

Increase Loyalty:

  • Investing in personal and professional development fosters employee loyalty and reduces turnover.


Enhanced Technical Expertise:

  • Learnerships provide practical on-the-job training, improving technical skills.


Boosted Productivity:

  • Motivated employees contribute to increased productivity and profitability.

Benefits for the Participant

Practical Knowledge:

  • Learnerships offer valuable, field-relevant practical learning opportunities.


Nationally Recognized Qualification:

  • Participants can achieve a recognized qualification through structured learning.


Personal Growth:

  • Learnerships lead to improved work standards, job satisfaction, and self-esteem, fostering further development.

B-BBEE Benefits and Learnership Recognition

Skills Development Impact:

  • Learnerships positively impact the skills development aspect of the B-BBEE scorecard.


Expert Assistance:

  • CTU Training Solutions offers expert guidance to maximize B-BBEE scorecard points through learnership interventions.


Generic Scorecard:

  • Learnerships contribute to points on the Generic Scorecard for B-BBEE recognition.

Voices of Success: What our clients say

CTU has been awarded a Level Two (2) B-BBEE rating.
This enables you to account for 125% of your procurement spend with us on your B-BBEE scorecard.

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