Corporate Courses

C)CSA: Certified Cybersecurity Analyst

Course Outline

This course helps you prepare an organization to create a complete end to end
solution for monitoring, preventing, detecting, and mitigating threats as they arise in
real time.




(Any of the following Mile2 Courses)
– Certified Security Principles
– Certified Digital Forensics Examiner
– Certified Incident Handling Engineer
– Certified Professional Ethical Hacker

Course Content

  • Module 01: Blue Team Principles
  • Module 02: Digital Forensics
  • Module 03: Malware Analysis
  • Module 04: Traffic Analysis
  • Module 05: Assessing the Current State of Defense within an Organization
  • Module 06: Leveraging SIEM for Advances Analytics
  • Module 07: Defeating the Red Team with Purple Team Tactics

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