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Creativity and Society

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The pace of change is quickening every day. New technologies are transforming how we think, work, play and relate to each other. At the same time, the population of the earth is larger and growing faster than at any time in history. Many of the challenges that we face are being generated by the powerful interaction of these forces. The problem is that many of our established ways of doing things, in business, in government and education, are rooted in old ways of thinking. They are facing backwards, not forwards.  

As a result, many people and organizations are having a hard time coping with these changes and feel left behind or alienated by them. To face these challenges, we have to understand their nature; to meet them, we have to recognise that cultivating our natural powers of imagination, creativity and innovation is not an option but an urgent necessity. 

Being creative means rearranging existing elements to create something new. Whether it be to fulfil a need, fill a gap in our life or give us a boost in brain activity, creativity solves problems. Because Adland is pretty much founded on solving problems, creativity becomes one of the most useful tools the world has at its disposal.’ 

Innovative and sustainable packaging techniques, initiatives to promote inclusion and diversity or something else entirely – creativity is useful. It is the fuel for innovation, the food for ground breaking ideas and what propels this world forward. By brandishing creativity, Adland has the power to influence future generations in ways we could never imagine. Who knows what the meat industry will look like in 10 years? Will there even be a meat industry, or will innovative plant-based solutions replace it entirely? Will sustainable farming become the only possible standard? We can’t know for sure now. But what we can anticipate is that creativity will be at the core of it all. 





Course Content

  • Creativity and Society
  • Why is Creativity Important and What Does it Contribute?

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