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Being Creative

Course Outline

If you have ideas but don’t act on them, you are imaginative but not creative. 

There are many misconceptions about creativity. It’s wrongly thought to be solely the domain of special people or special activities; that you’re either creative or not; or that it’s all about cutting loose and being uninhibited. 

The world we live in is born out of our ideas, beliefs, and imagination. While mother nature had a big role to play, the human mind created and nurtured today’s world as well. The most important gadget of a human being is sitting on top of their heads and it’s profoundly and uniquely creative but hugely underutilized as people don’t have a sense of their talents. Not only they don’t have a sense but they don’t know what talent to deploy when to create extraordinary outcomes for personal and professional success. 





Course Content

  • Being Creative
  • Creativity
  • The Five Stages of Creative Process
  • Innovation
  • Creativity vs Innovation
  • Explanation on Creativity and Innovation

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