Corporate Courses

AIBIZ™ (AIZ-210)

Course Outline

In this course, you will identify ways in which AI can bring significant value to the business. You will:
• Describe AI fundamentals.
• Identify the functions of AI in business.
• Implement business requirements for AI.




To ensure your success in this course you should have a foundational knowledge of business processes and general business concepts. You should also have at least a basic understanding of information technology resources and systems, including networks, computers, and other electronic devices used in the enterprise.

Course Content

Lesson 1: AI Fundamentals

  • Topic A: A Brief History of AI
  • Topic B: AI Concepts

Lesson 2: Functions of AI in Business

  • Topic A: Improve User Experiences
  • Topic B: Segment Audiences
  • Topic C: Secure Assets
  • Topic D: Optimize Processes

Lesson 3: Implementing Business Requirements for AI

  • Topic A: Identify Design Requirements
  • Topic B: Identify Data Requirements
  • Topic C: Identify Risks in Implementing AI
  • Topic D: Develop an AI Strategy

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