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Upskill your workforce with job-focused certifications in 2019

Looking at the pace at which innovative technologies are entering the workspace, it’s safe to say that jobs of the future may look nothing like anything we know today.

While this makes a positive contribution to the economy and the way businesses operate, it also contributes to the skills gaps that we see building up in the workplace, as many individuals have built their careers on technologies or practices that are fading away.

This not only makes it challenging for those individuals to find or keep jobs but also makes it difficult for organisations to find qualified candidates.

Upskilling internally

Instead of wasting time and money on endless interviews, and sifting through hordes of CVs, organisations can rather invest time and money into the education of employees they already know and trust.

In fact, many studies show that the cost of hiring new employees is far greater than that of upskilling your existing employees.

In order to assist individuals in keeping pace with today’s technical roles and requirements, Microsoft and CompTIA have updated their certifications to be more role-based.

These role-based certifications have a strong focus on building skills and knowledge aligned with specific job roles and are split into three levels of designation which differ in requirements for completion.

CTU Training Solutions, a private tertiary education provider that specialises in academic qualifications and corporate solutions, offers industry-relevant short courses for Microsoft and CompTIA certifications.

Microsoft certifications

Microsoft training courses are some of the most popular courses offered at CTU Training Solutions, and are delivered by industry experts, online, or in-person.

These part-time courses are practical, lab-based to enable learners to develop real-world technical skills, and range from Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Windows Server, Windows 10, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Visual Studio, and others. The designations for Microsoft certifications range between fundamentals, associate, and expert.

With a role-based certification from Microsoft, employees will be prepared to adapt to professional challenges, be able to demonstrate clear business impact, and can hone their skills through continuing professional education requirements.

Stackable certifications

A stackable certification demonstrates that an individual has earned multiple CompTIA certifications and has the knowledge and experience needed to grow their IT career. It validates the skills of various IT roles and shows a deeper mastery in the field.

Stackable certifications require active CE certifications. Good-for-life certification holders may earn these stackable certifications by recertifying and validating that their skills are up to date.

CTU Training Solutions is currently running specials and promotions on CompTIA stackable certifications.

These include certifications for Systems Support Specialists, Cloud Admin Professionals, Network Infrastructure Professionals, Security Analytics Professionals, and Security Infrastructure Experts, with designations ranging between specialist, professional, and expert.

Whether you want to learn a new Microsoft technology, start a new career in IT, or improve your marketability, CTU can help you achieve your training goals.

#MakeItHappen this 2019 and be industry-relevant! What certification do you plan on earning this year?

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