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Top certification programmes to boost your career

In a world that is being shaped by technology and the fourth industrial revolution, the future will require more jobs with skills focused on computer sciences and software.

Getting the right training to ensure that your skillset matches the requirements of these positions is only the first step.

To secure a steadfast career in the IT industry or other fields that make extensive use of computer technology, getting certified should be a top priority.

At CTU Training Solutions, you can choose from a variety of quality and affordable training packages designed to make you the leader of your trade.

Why certification matters

There are several reasons why earning a certification is beneficial to your career.

Firstly, 91% of hiring managers consider employee certification as a criterion for employment. Certifications help organisations simplify their candidate screening process.

As certification demonstrates your proficiency in a particular area and validates your qualifications, it increases the likelihood that you will find employment.

Additionally, certification prepares you to adapt to professional challenges, and hones your skills through continuing professional education requirements.

One should not underestimate the value of a personal sense of accomplishment.

Certification also benefits enterprises, as it allows employees to reach higher productivity levels sooner and offers longer tenures on average.

What the research says

According to the 2018 Pearson VUE Value of Certification Survey, 90% of certified IT professionals would recommend certification to a friend or colleague looking to begin or advance their career in a technology-related field.

The report further said that 67% felt that they had greater self-confidence in their abilities, while 35% had received a salary or wage increase after getting certified.

Maintaining your certification

In addition to the benefits of the initial acquisition of your certification, possessing and maintaining it has further advantages.

Certification can give you professional credibility, distinguishing you from your peers and earning you recognition within the workplace.

Over the long-term certification holds these benefits:

  • Increased earning potential
  • Strengthened personal marketability
  • Improved job mobility
  • Continuous revalidation of your knowledge and expertise
  • Demonstration of discipline and dedication to your profession

Adapting to evolving environments

Maintaining your certification is key to keeping your skills relevant in your industry.

For example, one of the leading certification programme providers – Microsoft – is changing the blueprint of its certifications to align to job roles instead of the usual product and service-focused certification outcomes.

This is because learners want to be recognised and want to achieve certification for mastery of various Microsoft products and technologies.

Available certification programmes

Whether you require certification for one of Microsoft, CompTIA, or Cisco’s programmes, CTU Training Solutions has got you covered.

Below is a selection of the most popular certification programmes on offer from CTU Training Solutions:

  • Azure role-based certifications
  • AWS
  • CCNA
  • ADOBE Courses
  • ITIL

At CTU, you can choose to complete your studies through instructor-led training, or you can complete it from the comfort of your home or workplace through their virtual instructor-led training option.

Get certified today

Get certified and get the edge you need to catapult your career into the more promising territory.

Click here to learn more about CTU Training’s range of certification programmes and sign up today.

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