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IT training companies and skills development South Africa

One of the biggest challenges for the business today is skills development South Africa. There is a lack of skills development South Africa and a need to give people the opportunity to expand their skill sets and grow their capabilities. Skills development South Africa has been affected by numerous factors over the past few years and it is vital that organisations work with employees and educational institutions to change this. One of the biggest drivers of this change is access to online training tools and courses and they allow for people to engage with skills development South Africa no matter where they are in the country.

CTU Training Solutions offers skills development modules aligned to core, fundamental and elective unit standards that form a full national qualification. We have a strong academic background of more than 30 years and offer skills and expertise that help deliver critical and scarce skills development in South Africa. CTU offers skills development South Africa qualifications and unit standards that are aligned to international -vendor specific certifications, which makes this offer not only unique but differentiated to what is offered in the market today. These products are delivered to orgaisations in the form of learnership and internship programmes. This is what we mean when we say we do more than just improve your B-BBEE status. CTU offers industry knowledge and expertise when it comes to consulting with organisations to determine the skills gaps and finding ways to improve employee skills that result in consumption of technologies and meeting key future deliverables of the organisation aligned to organisational strategic goals. CTU is able to help develop your organisation to become a learning organisation in a new modern world of technologies and expected disruption caused by constant changes in the environment.

Building the skills of tomorrow
CTU Training Solutions is one of the skills development South Africa providers with more than 900 flexible and affordable short courses across 12 campuses nationwide. You can engage with your employees and skill up new hires with our virtual, on-demand and instructor-led programmes that support skills development South Africa. We are one of the country’s most respected training companies thanks to our commitment to education and skills development South Africa. We also have payment options to suit budgets and requirements, skills development customised to your business and so much more. With us, you can make sure that your business and people stand out.