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Diploma in Visual Communication

The Diploma in Visual Communication (also referred to as graphic design) implies the development of design solutions to persuade, entertain, inform, and educate an observing audience regarding products, services, and ideas. The field of visual communication encompasses the development of corporate identity, packaging design, editorial design, promotional campaigns, interactive media and web design. The Diploma in Visual Communications will advance students’ technical skill in the execution of design, foster the effective communication of ideas in the field of Visual Communications, and learn to develop innovative and appropriate design solutions.

The Diploma in Visual Communications supplies students with a theoretical knowledge that underpins practical execution

Industry Leading Training Provider

CTU Training Solutions is one of the industry-leading training providers in South Africa, providing excellent training in visual communication and graphic design. CTU Training Solutions is a training provider with more than 34 years of experience in developing industry professionals and our visual communications and graphic design courses are some of the best in South Africa. Our 11 learning centres across South Africa are populated by certified instructors and we’ve had more than a million students certify in the past five years alone. With CTU you can stop your search for training providers in visual communication and graphic design, you’ve found the right place.