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CTU Leads The Way: ​Empowering Employees With AI & Microsoft 365 Copilot Training

At CTU, we are committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and ensuring our staff are well-equipped to leverage the latest tools and solutions. As part of this commitment, we recently organised a comprehensive internal training initiative focused on Microsoft 365 Copilot use cases. This training not only showcased our dedication to continuous learning but also highlighted our strong partnership with Microsoft.

Training Overview

The training sessions were held online over two Fridays, May 24 and 31, each spanning two hours. The sessions were designed to empower our workforce with practical knowledge and use cases for Microsoft 365 Copilot, a powerful tool that enhances productivity and streamlines tasks across various roles.

Expert-Led Sessions

We were privileged to have the sessions hosted by Microsoft Certified Trainer Faith Muwishi and long-time CTU Facilitator Renier Erasmus. Their expertise and engaging presentation styles ensured that the training was both informative and enjoyable for all 154 attendees. 

Comprehensive Course Content

The training comprised 11 modules available on CTU’s Skills Academy platform, covering a range of topics such as:

  • Introduction to Copilot for Microsoft 365
  • Exploring the possibilities with Copilot
  • Optimising and extending Copilot
  • Use cases tailored for Executives, Sales, IT, Marketing, Finance, HR, and Operations
  • A challenge use case to test practical application skills
AI Thought Leadership

As a leading training company, CTU has dedicated substantial time, research, and resources to establish itself as an AI thought leader. This initiative marks the next step in our strategy to ensure that all staff become AI savvy, from facilitators to consultants to administrative and marketing teams. By incorporating AI as a company-wide intervention, we aim to enhance productivity and innovation across all departments.

CTU Staff Attending and Engaging Online
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Meet Our Friendly Instructors
CTU Stuff Attending and Comfortably Engaging Online
Department-Specific Benefits
  • Academic and Facilitator Teams: Enhanced presentation features to improve training delivery.
  • Sales Consultants and Customer Service: Advanced reporting capabilities to streamline data analysis and improve customer service.
  • Marketing Teams: Creative content features to boost campaign and messaging effectiveness.
  • Overall Staff Productivity: Increased efficiency through the integration of AI into daily tasks.
Feedback and Impact

Feedback from the training was overwhelmingly positive. According to Metrics That Matter, the attendees found the training “Extremely useful for my daily tasks.” Participants appreciated the opportunity to ask questions, the practical examples provided, and the interactive nature of the sessions.

  • Instructor Knowledge: “The deep knowledge and enthusiasm of the instructors made the sessions engaging and informative.”
  • User-Friendliness of Copilot: “The user friendliness of Copilot will help me reduce my workload and focus on more critical tasks.”
  • Real-World Applications: “I learned the fundamentals of conversational Copilot building and how to leverage it in real-world scenarios.”
  • Integration and Automation: “Understanding how Copilot integrates with various Microsoft applications to enhance communication and automate processes was a significant takeaway.”
Commitment to Continuous Learning

As a proud Microsoft Partner, CTU Training Solutions ensures that our staff are always trained and informed about the latest Microsoft technologies. This training initiative is a testament to our commitment to continuous learning and our dedication to incorporating cutting-edge solutions into our business practices.
By investing in our employees’ skills and knowledge, we are not only enhancing their capabilities but also driving the overall success and innovation at CTU.