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Using Microsoft Windows 11 (with Copilot)

Course Outline

You will:
• Navigate in Windows 11 and use Copilot.
• Use locally installed and cloud-based Windows 11 apps.
• Use the Edge browser and Copilot in Edge.
• Manage files and folders.
• Configure the Windows 11 environment.
• Secure your Windows 11 computer.




To ensure your success in this course, you should have some experience using a personal computer and the Internet.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Accessing Windows 11

  • Topic A: Sign In to Windows 11
  • Topic B: Navigate the Windows 11 Desktop
  • Topic C: Use the Start Menu
  • Topic D: Access Copilot in Windows 11

Lesson 2: Working with Apps

  • Topic A: Use Windows 11 Apps
  • Topic B: Use AI-Enhanced Apps
  • Topic C: Multitask with Multiple Open Apps
  • Topic D: Install Apps

Lesson 3: Using Web Resources

  • Topic A: Use Microsoft Edge
  • Topic B: Use Copilot in Microsoft Edge
  • Topic C: Configure Microsoft Edge
  • Topic D: Use Cloud-Based Apps

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