Corporate Courses

C)PSH: Certified PowerShell Hacker

Course Outline

The Certified Powershell Hacker, PSH, course is an intense few days covering the keys to being a Powershell hacker. Most companies have an Active Directory infrastructure that manages authentication and authorization to most devices and objects within the organization. Many use PowerShell to speed up and simplify management.




– Mile2 C)PEH and C)PTE or equivalent knowledge
– Understanding of pen testing
– General Understanding of active directory
– General understanding of scripting and programing

Course Content

  • Module 1 – Introduction to PowerShell
  • Module 2 – lndroduction to Active Directory and Kerberos
  • Module 3 – Pen Testing Revisited for the Powershell Hacker
  • Module 4 – Information Gathering and Enumeration
  • Module 5 – Privilege Escalation
  • Module 6 – Lateral Movements and Abusing Trust
  • Module 7 – Persistence and Bypassing Defenses
  • Module 8 – Defending Against PowerShell Attacks

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