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IS18: IS18 Controls

Course Outline

The Mile2® IS18 Controls – IS18 certification course is intended for anyone interested in learning effective information systems governance and management. This 4-day training course focuses on the implementation and analysis of the IS18 Top Controls. These controls have been identified as critical by leading government and private organizations with expertise in understanding attack techniques and mitigating risks. They are designed to prevent known attacks and minimize the impact of successful attacks.




– Broad Understanding of Multiple Networking and Security Technologies

Course Content

  • Module 01: Introduction
  • Module 02: Inventory and Control
  • Module 03: Inventory and Control of Software Assets
  • Module 04: Data Protection
  • Module 05: Secure Configuration of Enterprise Assets and Software Concept
  • Module 06: Account Management
  • Module 07: Access Control Management
  • Module 08: Continuous Vulnerability Management
  • Module 09: Audit Log Management
  • Module 10: Email and Browser Protection
  • Module 11: Malware Defenses
  • Module 12: Data Recovery
  • Module 13: Network Infrastructure Management
  • Module 14: Network Monitoring and Defense
  • Module 15: Security Awareness and Skills Training
  • Module 16: Service Provider Management
  • Module 17: Applications Software Security
  • Module 18: Incident Response Mgmt.
  • Module 19: Penetration Testing

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