Corporate Courses

C)HT + C)COST: Hardware and Oprating Systems

Course Outline

The HT and OST courses will kick start your career in the IT field by providing the foundational knowledge needed to install, configure, and support computer hardware systems and operating systems.

The C)HT will also provide an understanding of the fundamentals of networking and security/forensics; properly and safely diagnosing, resolving, and documenting common issues; as well as applying troubleshooting skills.

The Certified Operating Systems Technician, OST course builds on the HT course by focusing on operating systems; this includes installing, configuring and maintaining devices, PCs, and software for end users; understanding the basics of networking and security/forensics from the operating system view.

Properly and safely diagnose, resolve, and document common software issues. Apply troubleshooting skills, and providing appropriate customer support. We will cover virtualization, security, desktop imaging, and deployment. You will also learn the security foundations needed for the various operating systems.





Course Content

  • Module 1 – Troubleshooting
  • Module 2 – Motherboards and CPUs
  • Module 3 – Power Supplies
  • Module 4 – Memory
  • Module 5 – Computer Expansion
  • Module 6 – Physical Storage
  • Module 7 – Input-Output Devices
  • Module 8 – Display Devices
  • Module 9 – Network Cables and Connectors
  • Module 10 – Printers and
  • Multifunction Print Devices
  • Module 11 – TCP/IP and Transport Protocols
  • Module 12 – Custom Computers
  • Module 13 – Operational Procedures

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