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Getting the Most from Your Presentations with GenAI

Course Outline

You will:
• Select and use generative AI tools to generate text content for presentation slides and handouts.
• Generate images and design ideas you can use in a presentation.
• Generate presenter notes and handout content for use in a presentation.




To ensure your success in this course, you should know how to perform basic presentation development tasks using presentation software. You can obtain this level of skills and knowledge by taking the Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® for Office 365 (Desktop or Online): Part 1 course from Logical Operations

Course Content

Lesson 1: Using AI to Generate Text Ideas and Content

  • Topic A: Brainstorm Presentation Ideas
  • Topic B: Use a Chatbot to Generate a Presentation
  • Topic C: Prepare AI-Generated Text for PowerPoint
  • Topic D: Import and Format AI-Generated Slide Content

Lesson 2: Using AI for Graphic Development

  • Topic A: Brainstorm Image and Design Ideas
  • Topic B: Writing Better Image Generation Prompts

Lesson 3: Using AI to Generate Presenter Notes and Handout Content

  • Topic A: Expand Slide Bullets into Paragraphs for Notes and Handouts
  • Topic B: Use Chatbot-Based Web Search to Find Additional Information Sources

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