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ETBIZ: Emerging Technology for the Business Professional (ETZ-210)

Course Outline

Business professionals will gain an understanding of internet of things, artificial intelligence, and data science, plus the benefits and challenges of how to begin integrating these emerging technologies into your business.




To ensure your success in this course you should have a foundational knowledge of business processes and general business concepts. You should also have at least a basic understanding of information technology resources and systems, including networks, computers, and other electronic devices used in the enterprise.

Course Content

AIBIZ content

Lesson 1: AI Fundamentals

  • Topic A: A Brief History of AI
  • Topic B: AI Concepts

Lesson 2: Functions of AI in Business

  • Topic A: Improve User Experiences
  • Topic B: Segment Audiences
  • Topic C: Secure Assets
  • Topic D: Optimize Processes

Lesson 3: Implementing Business Requirements for AI

  • Topic A: Identify Design Requirements
  • Topic B: Identify Data Requirements
  • Topic C: Identify Risks in Implementing AI
  • Topic D: Develop an AI Strategy

DSBIZ content

Lesson 1: Data Science Fundamentals

  • Topic A: What is Data Science?
  • Topic B: Types of Data
  • Topic C: The Data Science Lifecycle

Lesson 2: Data Science Implementation

  • Topic A: Data Acquisition and Preparation
  • Topic B: Data Modeling and Visualization
  • Topic C: Data Science Roles

Lesson 3: The Impact of Data Science

  • Topic A: Benefits of Data Science
  • Topic B: Challenges of Data Science
  • Topic C: Business Use Cases for Data Science

IoTBIZ content

Lesson 1: Defining IoT for Business Leaders

  • Topic A: IoT Ingredients
  • Topic B: IoT Business Strategies

Lesson 2: IoT Infrastructure

  • Topic A: System of Systems
  • Topic B: Identify Resources

Lesson 3: Business Benefits and Challenges of IoT

  • Topic A: Business Considerations
  • Topic B: Security Concerns
  • Topic C: Organizational and Societal Impacts

Lesson 4: Real World Applications for IoT

  • Topic A: IoT Market Sectors
  • Topic B: IoT Implementation

Lesson 5: Best Practices for IoT Implementation

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