Corporate Courses

C)CSSM: Certified Cybersecurity Systems Manager

Course Outline

Companies will lean on a Certified Cybersecurity Systems Manager, CSSM to create solutions for tomorrow’s problems, today. When it comes to identifying critical issues and providing effective IS management solutions. The knowledge and course content provided in the Certified Cybersecurity Systems Manager – CSSM will cover a measurable certification that demonstrates proficiency in the IS Management Field. The Certified Cybersecurity Systems Manager covers the skills and knowledge to assess threat analysis and risks, Risk & incident management, and Security programs, IS security strategy and frameworks, Audit and Risk management creation of policies, compliance, and awareness




– Mile2’s C)SP
– 12 months of Information Systems Experience

Course Content

  • Module 01: Introduction
  • Module 02: Architectural Frameworks and Compliance
  • Module 03: Risk Management and Controls
  • Module 04: Evaluating Systems and Management Strategies
  • Module 05: Incident
  • Management, Law, and Ethics
  • Module 06: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Processes

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