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CompTIA Server+

Course Outline

CompTIA Server+ Certification validates knowledge of server issues and technology, including disaster recovery. It is a vendor neutral certification that proves knowledge of server hardware and software. Server+ certification is a standard of competency for mid-to upper-level technicians responsible for server hardware functionality. The Server+ certification credential validates advanced-level technical competency of server issues and technology, including installation, configuration, upgrading, maintenance, troubleshooting and disaster recovery. This certification is geared toward mid-to upper-level technicians.




Computer Literacy

CompTIA A+

Course Content

Lesson 1: Introduction to Servers
Lesson 2: Exploring the Server Hardware
Lesson 3: Introduction to Server Software
Lesson 4: Exploring the Server Storage System
Lesson 5: Installing the Server Hardware
Lesson 6: Configuring Servers
Lesson 7: Examining the Issues in Upgrading Server Components
Lesson 8: Examining Servers in an IT Environment
Lesson 9: Troubleshooting Servers
Lesson 10: Exploring Disaster Recovery Concepts and Methodologies

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