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Being a Creative Leader

Course Outline

There is no single strategy or template, mainly because all creative cultures are unique; but there are principles that apply to the most effective creative organizations. This chapter looks at the practical implications and identifies nine principles on which to develop a systematic culture of creativity and innovation. 

Organisations usually talk more about innovation than about creativity. In practice, a culture of innovation depends on cultivating three processes, each of which is related to the others: Imagination- the ability to bring to mind events and ideas that are not present to our senses; creativity- the process of having original ideas that have value; innovation- the process of putting original ideas into practice. 

Creating a culture of innovation will only work if the initiative is led from the top of the organisation. 

The principal role of a creative leader is not to have all the ideas, but to nurture a culture where everyone can have new ideas. Also, creativity and innovation work best where there is a balance between the freedom to experiment and agreed systems of evaluation





Course Content

  • Being a creative leader
  • The roles and principles of creative leadership
  • Group
  • Culture
  • Leadership Creativity and Innovation
  • New types of problem solving
  • Achieving Goals and Growth
  • Fostering a Positive Workplace Mentality
  • Finding Unlikely Perspectives
  • Strategies for Growing as a Creative Leader

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