Corporate Courses

Adobe Premiere Pro

Course Outline

Learn essential Premiere Pro CC skills. Learn how to import video, audio, and still images and edit them together on the Timeline. Add transitions and effects to your video to make your projects more engaging and appealing. Automatically stabilize shaky footage with the Warp Stabilizer. Animate layered Photoshop files to create onscreen graphics and create text and titles using the built-in Premiere Pro Titler.





Course Content

Lesson 1: Understanding Digital Video
Lesson 2: Understanding the Workspace
Lesson 3: Prepping Files in Prelude
Lesson 4: Making the Cut
Lesson 5: Adding Transitions to Video
Lesson 6: Working with Graphics
Lesson 7: Using Video Effects
Lesson 8: Video Compositing
Lesson 9: Working with Audio
Lesson 10: Advanced Editing Techniques
Lesson 11: Outputting Your Video

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