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Adobe Dreamweaver

Course Outline

You are familiar with creating web pages and now you will enhance the web pages by means of adding advanced functions such as navigational controls, media elements, and forms. In addition, it is essential to ensure that your websites are compatible with various modern day display devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and smartphones. In this course, you will create fluid CSS layouts, implement mobile integration techniques, and share files over a server to work in a collaborative manner. All this will ensure that you develop a website that helps retain user interest by means of providing an engaging user experience across multiple display devices. This course covers the Adobe Web Communication using Dreamweaver CC objectives to help students prepare for the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam. This course is also designed to cover the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exam objectives.


All Campuses, Online



Course Content

  • Lesson 1: Dreamweaver CC Jumpstart
  • Lesson 2: Setting Up a New Site
  • Lesson 3: Adding Text and Images
  • Lesson 4: Styling Your Pages with CSS
  • Lesson 5: Creating Page Layouts with CSS
  • Lesson 6: Advanced Page Layout
  • Lesson 7: CSS3 Transitions and Styles
  • Lesson 8: Using Web Fonts
  • Lesson 9: Working with Tables
  • Lesson 10: Fine-Tuning Your Workflow
  • Lesson 11: Adding Video, Audio and Interactivity
  • Lesson 12: Maximizing Site Design
  • Lesson 13: Working with Code-editing Features
  • Lesson 14: Building HTML5 Web Forms
  • Lesson 15: Adding Interactivity with the jQuery UI Library
  • Lesson 16: Responsive Design and Layout for Mobile Devices
  • Lesson 17: Managing your Website: Reports, Optimization, and Maintenance
  • Lesson 18: Dreamweaver CC New Features

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