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Collaboration with international institutions turned to international partnership with CTU

This agreement aims to build collaborations and goodwill and foster a relationship that will promote intellectual exchanges with an international focus between students, faculty members, and staff of the international institutions, universities, and colleges.

Both parties are now prepared to participate in an exchange program that seeks to promote academic exchange and collaborate in research efforts to internationalise the lifelong learning process.

The exchange programs encompass, but are not limited to:

  • The promotion of international study and work-based learning
  • The establishment of joint programs
  • The exchange of scholars (Faculty Heads, Head of Programmes, Programme Co-ordinators, lecturers, or researchers) and students
  • The organisation of joint research programs
  • The writing of joint grant proposals
  • Other academic exchanges and development activities to which both the organisations agree

We aim to collaborate with international institutions from different corners of the world to experience a mutually benefiting relationship, which is vital to us all, as partnerships offer the benefit of enhanced possibilities.

Additional ideas, resources, and expertise create more prospects for ground-breaking discoveries and broaden the perspectives and knowledge-base of students who take part in international experiences.

These actions of institutional cooperation are integral as we aim to produce a graduate who will act as the global citizens of the world.