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Discover Your Path: Free Career Guidance Test

In today’s rapidly evolving job market, choosing a new career can be a daunting task. With advancements in technology and the ongoing changes in the global economy, new roles are emerging while traditional ones are transforming. The decisions you make today will shape your future. 

Here’s why our FREE Career Guidance Test is a crucial step in the right direction:

  • Uncover Your True Passion:
    The test delves into your interests, strengths, and aspirations to help uncover the path that aligns with your true calling.
  • Informed Decision-Making:
    Education is an investment in your future. Make informed decisions about your study plans, ensuring that your chosen path aligns with your goals and values. Receive personalized recommendations based on your unique profile. Our insights will help you understand which study paths are most likely to lead to a successful and rewarding career.

The consequences of choosing the wrong path

  • Financial Impact:
    Choosing the wrong study path can have significant financial implications. From tuition fees to the cost of changing courses, the financial burden can be overwhelming. Our test helps you choose wisely, potentially saving you from unnecessary expenses.
  • Career Impact:
    A misaligned study path can lead to dissatisfaction in your career. Our test aims to guide you towards a field that not only interests you but also offers promising career prospects, increasing your chances of long-term success and happiness.


Valued at R 1000, our Free Career Guidance Test is your key to unlocking a path that aligns with your passions and sets the stage for a successful career. 

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back – take the first step towards your future

Investing in your future starts with making informed decisions. Whether you are curious about emerging roles or already considering a career change, this test provides the best options to discover your ideal new career path.

Book to take our free Career Guidance Test and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Claim Your Free Career Guidance Test (Valued at R1000):

Booking the assessment at the nearest CTU Training Solutions campus is a straightforward process, and students can conveniently obtain the results during a personalised consultation. 

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