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6 Job Roles That Will Be Affected by AI in the Business Intelligence Landscape

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI) are at the forefront of technological evolution, significantly transforming the landscape of various industries. AI, with its ability to simulate human intelligence and perform tasks such as decision-making and problem-solving, is rapidly changing how businesses operate. BI, on the other hand, focuses on leveraging data and analytics to inform and improve business decisions.

The synergy of AI and BI is creating a new paradigm where data is not just processed and analysed but also used to predict future trends and offer deeper, actionable insights. This integration is crucial for businesses striving to stay competitive in an increasingly data-driven world.

The role of sophisticated tools like Microsoft Power BI in this technological marriage is indispensable. Power BI, a leader in the BI space, offers advanced data visualization and analysis capabilities, which are further enhanced by AI integration. This fusion enables businesses to harness the full potential of their data, turning it into a strategic asset. With features like automated machine learning, natural language processing, and real-time analytics, Power BI is paving the way for more intelligent and insightful business operations.

The Evolution of Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence, at its core, is the process of using technology to analyse data, providing historical, current, and predictive views of business operations. The advent of AI has expanded the capabilities of BI, allowing for more complex data analysis, predictive modelling, and automated insights. Microsoft Power BI stands at the forefront of this revolution, integrating AI to enhance data visualisation and analytics.

Key Applications of BI and AI in Business

Key applications of BI and AI in the business sphere are multifaceted and transformative. These include enhanced customer insights, operational efficiency, and risk management. AI-driven predictive analytics inherent in BI tools are essential for identifying potential risks and formulating effective mitigation strategies.

6 Job Roles That Will Be Affected by AI in BI:

  1. AI and BI Consultants: Professionals who advise businesses on how to integrate AI with BI tools for optimal data utilisation.
  2. Data Strategists: Experts in planning and implementing data-related strategies in line with AI advancements.
  3. Predictive Analysts: Specialists who use AI for predictive modeling and data trend
  4. Power BI Developers: Developers who specialize in using Microsoft Power BI, incorporating AI features for enhanced data analysis.
  5. Data Visualisation Experts: Professionals adept in presenting complex data in an understandable format, increasingly using AI tools.
  6. Business Process Automation Analysts: Experts in automating business processes using AI-enhanced BI tools.

The Future of Business and BI

The future of business lies in the intelligent use of data. As AI continues to evolve, its integration with BI tools like Microsoft Power BI is becoming more seamless and powerful. This synergy promises a future where business decisions are not just data-driven but also forward-looking and intuitive.

Micosoft Power BI and AI

Microsoft Power BI is constantly updating with AI capabilities to provide businesses with cutting-edge tools for data analysis. Its ease of use, combined with robust AI features, makes it an essential tool for any business looking to thrive in a data-centric world.

The Evolution of Organisational Operations

These evolving technologies are set to redefine the way organizations operate and compete. The integration of AI with BI will facilitate more nuanced and complex data interpretations, enabling businesses to anticipate market trends, understand customer behavior, and optimise operational efficiency in real-time.

The role of AI in enhancing BI tools will be crucial in making data analysis more accessible and insightful. Professionals equipped with BI and AI expertise will be invaluable assets to any organization, driving data-led strategies that propel business growth and innovation. Continual learning and staying abreast of the latest technological advancements in BI and AI are paramount in shaping the future of businesses and the global economy.

Johan Steyn is a Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence advocate and thought leader. He was recognised by Swiss Cognitive as one of the top 50 global voices on AI. He was a finalist for the 2022 IT Personality of the Year Award. Find him on