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Empowering You Through Education

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Group of Brands

CTU Training Solutions, Creative Technology Universitas, and Corporate Training Unlimited. Together, we create a comprehensive ecosystem that caters to the diverse needs of our students and corporate clients, offering hybrid education and training solutions that drive personal and professional growth.

CTU Training Solutions: Building Skilled Professionals Since 1987.

For over three decades, CTU Training Solutions has been at the forefront of developing skilled professionals across various industries. With faculties spanning IT, Design, Business Management & Humanities, and Engineering & Sustainability, we offer full time and part time study options where you can acquire national qualifications and international vendor-related certifications. As a graduate, you will be well-prepared to excel in the South African job market, equipped with the right skills to thrive from entry-level to professional positions.

Our Vision

Empowering people through education

Our Mission

To design, develop & deliver an exceptional learning experience that will cultivate educated and skilled citizens who will contribute to socio-economic growth.

Creative Technology Universitas: Where Innovation Meets Education.

Creative Technology Universitas (CTU) is where creative minds flourish, and cutting-edge technology enhances the learning experience. Our qualification division offers diverse study options across multiple faculties, providing the perfect platform for you to achieve your career aspirations. At CTU, we pride ourselves on fostering creative thinking and equipping you with the skills to succeed in today’s technology-driven world.

Corporate Training Unlimited: Unlocking Your Organisation's Potential.

As a division of CTU Training Solutions, Corporate Training Unlimited is committed to helping businesses optimise their technologies and address skills shortages through consultative training and development solutions. Our team works closely with you, our clients, to identify your unique needs and develop customised programmes to help employees advance their careers and contribute to organisational growth. Explore our wide range of short courses, learnerships & bursaries tailored to provide practical, industry-relevant skills that empower your workforce and drive long-term success.

CTU Training Solutions is dedicated to creating a brighter future for individuals and organisations through innovative education and training solutions. Explore our offerings today and unlock the potential of tomorrow.

View our LGBTQ+ Equality Statement.

CTU is committed to LGBTQ+ equality. It is determined to foster an academic environment where everyone is included, respected, and empowered to fulfill their potential. We pursue and embrace all forms of diversity throughout all operations

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