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01 December 2021 12:30 - 14:00


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Unpacking Employment Equity Reporting
It is that time of the year again. Designated employers must do Employment Equity Reporting to the Department of Employment and Labour. Failure to comply can end up in massive fines and even jail time. All this reporting must be done between year ends, holidays, and company closures for the Christmas period. It can turn into a nightmare if you are not prepared or uninformed. For example, did you know that if you reported last year and are not a designated employer, you had to inform the DoEL? Otherwise, penalties will be enforced for non-compliance.
Or maybe the completion of the EEA04 is confusing, and you struggle with the reasoning behind a vertical gap policy. A new EE Amendment Act is on our doorstep; how will it affect our company and employees? And will legislative changes have an impact on our BBBBEE? We all struggle with reaching our disability targets; how can we look at reasonable accommodation in the workplace to accommodate people with disabilities, and are these expectations realistic. Lastly, how do we keep a record of all the information, and what is the impact of digitisation on our EE reporting?

Meet the Host & Panelists

Meet Ronel Roux




Born as a person with a disability, Ronel Roux’s tenacity and self-determination proved that hard work can break the stereotypes people living with a visual impairment face on a daily basis. Ronel has studied and received many qualifications both in the IT and Educational Sectors and is proof of her dream today; changing the lives of people in all areas. Having an avid passion for skills development, Ronel has been involved in the skills development process for many corporate institutions over the last 18 years.

Meet Zandri Cirinna


MD & Transformation Specialist


With more than 8 years’ experience in Recruitment and B-BBEE, Zandri combines her passion for transformation with her love for people. She is the author of Resionex Training Academy’s B-BBEE technical training content and the lead facilitator for the Rating Agencies “Analyst refresher workshops”. With her B-BBEE rating background, Zandri brings a wealth of experience and skills in the fields of Management, Strategy, Policy and B-BBEE Compliance.

Meet Nazereen Captieux Bhana




Here at eDeaf, we are a proudly deaf led organization. Being deaf myself, has given me a far greater insight into the needs of the deaf community. I am a tenacious person, and un-relenting in my quest to help young deaf people to empower themselves through training and education. My favorite quote is: “Seeing the world through deaf people’s eyes has been the key to our success in truly empowering them.”

Meet Theo van Heerden


Managing Director

Pangolin Solutions

Theo van Heerden studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Pretoria. He has always worked in roles where complex business challenges need to be solved with technology. He started his career in a process engineering role with one of the major banks in South Africa. This was when digitized, online transactional processing was in its infancy. Later, he performed a CIO role at a retailer with a major expansion strategy implementing SAP ERP to multiple branches and opening new warehouses.

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