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08 April 2022 12:30 - 14:00


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Education and Technology: A deep dive into employability impact
Generation Z students have quite different interests and needs than previous generations. They want to receive immediate feedback, just like with social media, and they crave the autonomy to decide what to learn and how to demonstrate their knowledge. Young people are digital citizens who were raised with technology at their fingertips. Modern teaching strategies harness the power of technology to enhance student engagement and tailor an individualised approach to learning.
It is crucial to implement technology in education correctly because many traditional teaching methods should continue to exist. In addition, computers, artificial intelligence, virtual reality etc., are not applicable in every situation, nor is learning with them necessarily more efficient. Therefore, it is up to the world of academia to strike a balance between future-ready education and the traditional way of teaching.

Meet the Host & Panelists

Meet Dr. Abhinanda Barman


Academic Dean

CTU Training Solutions - South Africa

Dr Abhinanda is well-versed in education and is equipped with three master’s degrees in Management and a PhD in Commerce and Business Administration. She is an accomplished leader possessing 18 years of success stories in education. Dr Abhinanda will focus on learning solutions to develop scarce and critical skills. She will head the development of learning methodologies compatible with future technologies.

Meet Roland Pakkiri


SIM Manager

Eezi - England

Roland has worked and led multinational and multicultural teams across two continents since cutting his teeth in Field Marketing in the Telecommunications industry in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has found success in varying environments, from Private & Investment Banking to High Street Retail's cut and thrust world. The organisations and cultures that get the best out of him are the ones that allow him to bring people together to collaborate on achieving a given purpose whilst delivering exceptional value. In his current role, he heads up a business unit within a London based fintech focussed on digitising services most sought after across the continent, from Prepaid Electricity to Cryptocurrency. His role sees him engaging with partners across both Eastern and Western Europe. Roland believes that people should always be at the heart of all we do. This belief has led him to his passion project of becoming a qualified and accredited life coach.

Meet Dr. Shraddha Wilfred


Professor of business

University of Toronto - Canada

Shraddha is a passionate international educator who has over 13 years of value driven roles as Leader of Business Institutions, Professor of Business, Human Resource Consultant, and Curriculum developer. An astute, result oriented professional, Shraddha has been dedicatedly delivering dynamic, challenging, inspiring and engaging educational experiences at universities and colleges in Canada, India, South Africa, United States, Oman, and Pakistan. Shraddha’s blend of industry experience and academic theory combined with over a decade of international experience allows her to view problems from both the academic and industry perspective finding practical and innovative solutions. Shraddha has worked on Equi-City Project (Nagpur, India), funded by the European Union, which aims to ensure equitable provision of municipal services and to promote diversity within and capacity development of local government organizations. She has chaired 2 international conferences and is on the advisory/editorial board of national & international conferences/journals. She is a research enthusiast and has published more than 15 papers in international, national journals & conference proceedings. Moreover, Shraddha loves nature and is a staunch follower of the 4 R’s reduce-reuse-recycle-rethink. In her free time she loves to paint with her kids.

Meet Hamish van Wyk


Chief Commercial Officer

Health Window - South Africa

Hamish is currently the Chief Commercial Officer at Health Window, a medication adherence company reaching over 1,3 million lives each month. He has qualifications in both Healthcare and Business, including a BSc in Dietetics, Postgrad Dip diabetes, MSc Diabetes and Post Grad Diploma in Business Administration. He has worked in several sectors, including managed healthcare, clinical practice and academia. Hamish has a particular interest in obesity, diabetes and diabetes remission. He has been developing and lecturing both Postgraduate and Master's Degrees in Diabetes and Obesity through the University of South Wales. He was worked at various institutes from the Department of Health, Managed Care Companies and Telemedicine companies.

Meet Bronwyn Creigh-Biggs



Annan Expanse - South Africa

Bronwyn Creigh-Biggs, is a Supply Chain Architect with 30 years of experience in logistics and supply chain management. Her career has exposed her to the manufacturing, automotive, FMCG, Mining, Fashion Retail and Chemical Industries. She has worked in Freight Forwarding, Supply Chain Consulting and solutions and has headed up the Supply Chain division at a large Fashion Retailer. Winner of the 2016 SAPICS white paper award at the 38th Annual Conference (SAPICS), she found a niche in creating efficiency from chaos and is passionate about developing teams who perform while having the best time of their lives. After being accepted for the prestigious ILDP programme offered by the Retail and Wholesale SETA in conjunction with Business Schools, she graduated Cum Laude and found a new purpose in understanding Emotional and Spiritual Leadership. With this newfound purpose, she left her career to start her own consulting and management company, where she engages with customers in FMCG wholesale and the chemical industry. She is currently completing her post-grad ILDP.

Meet Ada Terea


Academic Director

American European Education Group - Romania

Ada Terea is a performance-driven academic professional with 15+ years of management and leadership experience in the educational environment. She has managed various academic projects in higher education, from start-ups to institutional validation and program development, while also teaching classes on Leadership and Hospitality related topics and supervising research papers in People Management. Her current focus is on innovating and improving industry knowledge transfer for education in the region. As the Academic Director of American European Education, Mrs Terea is currently leading the operations and institutional partnerships of all undergraduate and postgraduate programs of American Hotel Academy, TASTE Culinary Business Academy and Digital Hub Academy in Romania. She also holds a Recognized Tutor Status from Manchester Metropolitan University. Ada completed her education at Babes-Bolyai University, double majoring in Political Science and Hospitality Management. She then went on to earn her MSc in European Business and Program Management.

Meet Abu Huraira


CEO & Co-founder

Albright Institute of Business and Language - Australia

Abu Huraira is the CEO and Co-founder of Albright Institute of Business and Language in Australia. The Albright Institute of Business and Language was established in Nov 2016 in four major cities in Australia. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. The company's vision is to gain the market share for the subcontinent – mainly onshore & offshore based on the future market situation in the VET sector. The Albright Institute also boasts a balance of the nationality mix of students on campus. Adu and this team have established Albright as a quality training provider in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. Abu has more than 15 years of experience in the Health Sciences, FMCG & Manufacturing Industries. He has a Master of Business Administration from Deakin University and a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance from Central Queensland University. His expertise is market business strategy planning & annual budget builds up through strategic marketing & sales plans. Abu attributes his success to his weekly analysis of operational data & metrics to identify business operational improvement opportunities, assessing the business environment through SWOT analysis and management simulation, and making timely, well-informed, high-quality business decisions, even in uncertainty, by applying for timely, well-informed, high-quality business decisions, even appropriate decision-making criteria and principles. Abu believes that the key to success is building an excellent relationship with trust and support. A practical and healthy organisation is characterised by trust, authenticity, openness and a supportive climate.

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