Programme Showcase June 2022 - CTU Training Solutions
25 June 2022 08:00-12:00 We will see you in
About Registration Day

About Programme
Showcase Day

We invite you to join us at the nearest campus for our Programme Showcase Day.

What to expect on the day:
  • Join showcase sessions for selected programmes
  • Meet & greet the campus staff
  • One2One (consultation) sessions with our consultants
  • Opportunity to apply and register

Programme Showcase Schedule

IT Technical Support
These skills are in-demand and there are currently more than 6100 tech support jobs posted on PNet. Join this session to find out how you can gain entry into the networking job sphere. Job Opportunities: Desktop Support Engineer; Modern Desktop Administrator; Network Support Technician; PC Technician
08:30-09:00 10:00-10:30 11:00-11:30
All campuses
Programming Foundation
Interested in software, app, or games development? Join this session to learn how you can enter these career sectors through the Programming Foundation programme. Job Opportunities: Junior Python Developer; Junior Software Developer; Web Developer

08:30-09:00 10:00-10:30 11:00-11:30
All campuses
Computer Aided Draughting & Design
If technical designs and the associated careers interest you, join this session to learn why draughtsmen are integral in the construction and engineering sectors. Job Opportunities: Architectural/Mechanical Draughtsman; CAD Operator
08:30-09:00 10:00-10:30 11:00-11:30
All campuses
Graphic Design
Join this session if you are the creative type who wants to transfer that passion for design and art into a promising career. Job Opportunities: Graphic/Brand Designer; Production Artist; Web Artist
08:30-09:00 10:00-10:30 11:00-11:30
All campuses
UI (User Interface) Design
User interface (UI) design is the process of building interfaces that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to follow. Join this session to learn more. Job Opportunities: UI/Web/Graphic Designer; Social Media Strategist; Web Security Specialist

08:30-09:00 10:00-10:30 11:00-11:30
All campuses
Higher Certificate in Management
Join this session if you are eager to gain the skills needed to manage your own company, team, or organisation. The completion of the Higher Certificate in Management will give you entry to the BBA in Project Management degree. Job Opportunities: Team Leader; Managers Assistant; Office Manager
08:30-09:00 10:00-10:30 11:00-11:30
Bloemfontein, Potchefstroom, Pretoria, Stellenbosch
Engineers work in different industries, are employable, open doors for professional advancement, and overall, solve real-world problems. Find out how you can become an engineer by joining this session. Job Opportunities: Mechanical/Electrical/Civil Engineer; Aerospace Technician; Control and Instrumentation Technician; Quantity Surveyor; Urban Designer
08:30-09:00 – Mechanical Engineering 10:00-10:30 – Civil Engineering 11:00-11:30 – Electrical Engineering

Want to talk to a consultant?

One of our experienced consultants is ready to give you the career guidance you need. They will:
  • Help you book an assessment that will guide you in selecting an academic qualification that is right for you.
  • Tell you more about what makes CTU qualifications unique.
  • Set up a meeting for you with our facilitators and lecturers.
  • Assist you with viewing our premises.
  • Discuss device requirements.
  • Assist you with student loan applications.
  • Find a study method that suits your pocket, schedule and goals.
About Registration Day
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