We are proud to introduce a Masterclass designed for the modern business and HR professional. While we understand the importance of strategic planning, we also recognise the need for immediate results. Dive in and discover:

  • Quick Wins:
    How AI can turbocharge routine HR tasks, offering you instant efficiency gains.
  • Problem Solving:
    Address and resolve those pressing HR matters by leveraging AI-driven insights.
  • Time Mastery:
    Reclaim hours of your day as AI streamlines and automates your tasks, letting you focus on strategic decision-making.

Key Takeaways

  • Uncover the role and impact of AI across diverse HR verticals.
  • Investigate opportunities for AI integration in recruitment, performance appraisal, learning & development, and talent management.
  • Understand best practices and common obstacles in AI implementation within HR.
  • Leverage AI-generated insights for informed decision-making in HR.
  • Address ethical considerations and minimise biases related to AI in HR.
  • Design an AI integration plan tailored to your organization's specific HR requirements and objectives.

About your host

Introducing Professor Johan Steyn, a revered advocate and thought leader in Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence, who is primed to enlighten and motivate participants at our Masterclass. Hailed globally as one of Swiss Cognitive's top 50 voices on AI, Professor Steyn brings a wealth of knowledge as a Research Fellow at Stellenbosch University and Adjunct Professor at Woxsen University. His impact in the field is profound, earning him the reputation as Africa's premier AI commentator. Embark on this journey into the realm of AI in HR guided by Professor Johan Steyn, and acquire invaluable knowledge and insights from a seasoned industry expert.

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Event Information:

5 October 2023 | 10h00 – 11h30 (Yes! We made it shorter)

Online Event. To make this sought-after event accessible to everyone, we’ve changed the location from a live event to an online event!

Prof Johan Steyn

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