Unleash the Power of AI in Your Workspace
with CTU Training Solutions & LLPA

Embrace the Future with Microsoft 365 Copilot
Join us for a groundbreaking webinar that will transform your understanding of workplace efficiency and creativity. In collaboration with the Leading Learning Partners Association (LLPA), CTU Training Solutions invites you to explore the cutting-edge world of Microsoft 365 Copilot.

About the Webinar:
This exclusive webinar, is specifically tailored to introduce you to the innovative features of Microsoft 365 Copilot. Whether you are an IT professional, a savvy business app user, or simply passionate about leveraging the latest technology trends, these sessions are your gateway to the future of office work.

What You Will Learn:

  • Innovative Features: Discover how Microsoft 365 Copilot can change the way you work.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn how to seamlessly integrate Copilot into your daily workflows.
  • Interactive Sessions: Engage in live Q&A and interactive discussions.
  • Practical Insights:  Gain insights into real-world applications of Copilot in various professional scenarios.

Why Attend?

  • Be a Pioneer: Get ahead in understanding and utilising AI in the workplace.
  • Boost Productivity: Find out how Copilot can save you time and enhance efficiency.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals and industry experts.

Reserve Your Seat Now!
Spaces are limited. Register today to secure your spot for one of these time slots for this transformative webinar. Be a part of the movement that redefines productivity and creativity in the workspace.

20th of February @ 17:00 (SAST)
23rd of February @ 11:00 (SAST)