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Blended Learning

Over the last five years, CTU Training Solutions has opted to start using a “Blended Learning” approach. Blended learning is a knowledge and skills learning process (learner-centered) that uses various teaching methods which integrate digital (internet and mobile) and traditional face-to-face class activities in a planned manner. The technique ensures that students direct their learning process by choosing the learning methods and materials that best fit their characteristics and needs to reach competence in the required outcomes.

Generation Z students are bandwidth-connected students who have been immersed in technology for their entire lives. At CTU, the Blended approach to course delivery combines face-to-face classroom instruction (theory and practical) with online teaching and learning activities (VLIT-Virtual Lecturer-led Interactive Teaching; O’Reilly- Online books and CampusOnline) as well as group and research activities. To enable students to be fully active in the Blended learning approach, each learner must have a device with data. Please see the “Bring your own device” information.

The Blended Learning approach is NOT a distance learning approach, and students must be able to attend on-campus activities as per their Programme timetable.



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Study Methods

Attend Day Classes
(Full Time)

Experience comprehensive learning with CTU’s Full Day Classes, offering one to three-year qualifications with a blend of national qualifications and international certifications. Our innovative approach combines virtual and physical learning environments, ensuring a flexible and interactive experience.

At CTU, we’re committed to delivering a quality education in English, ensuring accessibility and understanding for all students.

Attend Evening Classes
(Part Time)

CTU’s Evening Classes offer flexible learning options for those seeking one, two, or three-year qualifications, with classes held in the evenings and on Saturdays. Tailored for working professionals and students needing a more adaptable schedule, these classes lead to national qualifications and international certifications where applicable.

Equipped with the latest digital resources and guided by expert instructors, our Evening Classes are designed to fit into your busy schedule while providing a comprehensive educational experience.

Distance Learning

Designed for flexibility and effectiveness, our distance learning qualifications are QCTO-approved, ensuring a high-quality educational experience.

Join CTU’s Distance Learning Programmes to advance your career with qualifications that are both accessible and empowering.

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