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Teacher Computer Litearcy Training Basic

Course Description

In today’s world, which is becoming known as the “Information Age,” the invasion of computers in all aspects of life increases every year. Businesses, schools, institutions, and individuals have increasingly adopted computer technology. In the business world, computers are literally everywhere, and the Internet as well is becoming a standard resource in the workplace

It is important, then, for people of today to gain the necessary knowledge which will allow them to use a computer with some proficiency.


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    Terms and Conditions


    2 Days

    Course Price (excluding certification)

    R 396,66

    Course Price (including Certification)

    R 396,66

    Entry Requirements


    Training Options

    Day Classes
    Monday to Friday (08h30 – 16h00)

    Evening Classes
    Monday to Thursday (18h00 – 21h00)

    Saturday Classes
    (08h00 – 12h00)

    Course Content

    Computer Literacy Course
    Basic computer terminology
    What is a computer?
    What is an operating system?
    What are the major physical components of the computer?

    • keyboard
    • mouse
    • cpu
    • monitor

    What is the desktop?

    • Quick Launch Toolbar
    • Taskbar
    • Start menu
    • My Computer
    • Task Manager
    • Right-click on Desktop>Properties

    What are the major components of a window?

    • Windows and its components
    • Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons
    • Title bar

    Navigating a webpage

    • ISP
    • URL
    • Web site
    • Home page
    • Bookmark
    • Search engine
    • Web browsing (IE, Netscape, Mozilla)
      • navigation
      • toolbars
      • menu options
      • scrolling
      • minimize, maximize and close
      • favorites
      • highlight
      • print
      File Management

    • Create a new folder.
    • Copy/Move files from one folder to another.
    • Drag and Drop files.
    • Create different file types with varying extensions.
    • Create a shortcut to an often-used file or application.
    • Utilize the hard drive and other drives for file management.
    • Rename/Delete a folder or file.
    • Use the Recycle Bin appropriately.

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