Johannesburg, South Africa – CTU Training Solutions, a leading provider of technology and business education in South Africa, has announced the acquisition of PropAcademy, a leading provider of property education courses

Which cloud to use? Azure, AWS, GCP

Disclaimer: Before the ‘Azure Army’ or the ‘AWS Anarchists’ come for me, this is an opinion piece based on my experience deploying cloud environments for various organisations.

Managing change as you define your cloud

The majority of businesses are in a constant state of change, yet while transforming their business, they sometimes overlook the need to upskill their teams to keep pace.

Leading Learning Partners Association in South Africa

As a member of the Leading Learning Partners Association in South Africa, we share LLPA’s global vision to accelerate knowledge, empower employees, and help organisations to digitally transform in a secure and skillful way.


The 50-Minute 4IR Basic Management Skills Package was designed to cover critical business and professional development topics in the shortest time possible.