Waste Management Technician

Become an Environmental Consultant

Course Overview

Occupational Certificate Environmental Science Technician: Part qualification 1

This qualification will build the much-needed capacity and enhance the skills of the environmental sector to respond innovatively to the developmental and environmental needs of South Africa. This, in turn, will improve service delivery and address the current environmental resource conservation issues, thereby contributing sustainably towards socio-economic-sensitive enterprises and a green economy.

This qualification is for employees who are currently employed within the Waste Management-related sectors and wish to formalise their experience. Learners undertaking this programme will receive waste management training while focusing on understanding the physical, chemical, mathematical, biological, and social dimensions of waste problems and issues. Upon completion, learners could possibly be employed as Waste Management Technicians in
National, Provincial, and Local Government and Private Sector or alternatively start their own businesses as Waste Entrepreneurs.


Management Technician, SAQA ID: 99508, credits: 286, NQF level 6


2 Years

Career Opportunities

  • Waste Management Technician
  • Eco-entrepreneur (Waste management)
  • Environmental Consultant (Waste management)
  • Environmental Management (Waste management)
  • Green Scorpion

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