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Bursary competition

Competition Information


  • 10 students can each win a R10 000 bursary.
  • 1 student can win a R50 000 bursary.
  • The school with the most bursary entries wins R10,000 cash.
Cash Prize

How to enter the competition ?

  1. Sign Up:
    Create your account on the CCP.
  2. Apply:
    Apply online or with the assistance a consultant to study at CTU.
  3. One2One:
    Book a virtual One-2One session with a CTU consultant.
  4. Register:
    Register to study at CTU (fees apply).
    • The first 100 registration entries to receive a meal delivered at your door.
  5. Refer a Friend:
    One entry per referral - someone you know who would be interest in being your study buddy.
    • Get R1000 per referral back on your tuition fees when they enrol at CTU.
Bursary Flyer

When will the winners be announced ?

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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions for bursary entries:

  • Admin and Bring Your Own Device fees are for your own account.
  • Applicable to February 2021 intake 1st year registrations (full time only).
  • The bursary is only valid for the 1st Year 2021 career full time intake
  • Prize not exchangeable for cash.
  • Meal ticket winners will have their order taken and delivered to them.
  • This bursary only covers part of the cost of tuition. As recipient of this bursary, the Bursary-holder remain liable for the balance of tuition fees. Additional costs for art material, textbooks and international exams/certifications are not included in the tuition fees, and/or the bursary awarded.
  • The bursary may not be held concurrently with any other CTU funded bursary.
  • The Bursary-holder is allowed to hold unlimited supplementary emoluments towards the 1st year full time career intake of 2021.
  • The bursary will be cancelled if it is not taken up by the date indicated in the letter of award and is not transferable.
  • The bursary will be credited on the 1st invoice of the career intake year and is not transferable for cash.

Terms & Conditions for schools:

  • Should there be more than 1 school with the same amount of entries, a final draw will take place.

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