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WordPress Responsive Theme Design

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool, which runs on a web hosting service. It is used to implement responsive themes, to make WordPress sites optimized for mobile devices. In this course you will learn how to design and develop your very own responsive WordPress theme and also submit your theme to the WordPress.org repository. The course starts with an introduction to the Responsive Web Design concepts and techniques. Then, you’ll learn how to set up a local WordPress environment which also helps you understand the structure of the WordPress theme. Finally, we learn to create responsive comments in WordPress and also have a look at static pages and index templates. By the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of responsive theme development in WordPress and a WordPress Codex.
Duration: 2 Days   |   Location : Online
Course Prerequisites:
Good understanding of CSS and PHP
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Responsive Web Design with WordPress

  • The concepts of RWD
  • Techniques in RWD
  • Setting up the WordPress environment
  • Installing and setting up WordPress
  • Setting up the underscores theme
  • Installing the WordPress theme’s unit test data
  • Installing the Developer plugin

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Understanding the WordPress Theme Structure

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Content Options and the Loop

+ See more details

Getting Started with Responsive Layout

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Learn How to Create the Header and Navigation

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Customizing Single Post Templates

+ See more details

Responsive Widgets, Footer, and Comments

+ See more details

Working with Images and Videos

+ See more details

Working with Template Files

+ See more details

Working with Static Pages and Adding the Extra Functionality with Plugins

+ See more details

Submitting Your Theme to WordPress.org

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CTU Training Solutions , Updated: December 12th, 2017

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