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CIW Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 Specialist

Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist is the first course in the CIW Web and Mobile Design series. The CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist course tests essential HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript knowledge. These technologies, known as the Web development trifecta, provide Web pages that easily adapt to smartphones, tablets, gaming devices and smart TVs, as well as to traditional PCs. CIW Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 Specialist This course teaches deep knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3, and thus assumes a certain amount of existing knowledge (such as basic HTML coding). This course is a natural step from our current CIW Foundations Site Development Associate (SDA) certification.
Duration: 5 Days   |   Location : Online
Course Prerequisites:
The Advanced HTML5 And CSS3 Specialist courseware teaches intermediate and advanced HTML5 and CSS3 coding skil... Show More
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Course Content

HTML5 Essentials

Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3
Migration to Mobile Devices
The Web Development Trifecta
The Evolution of HTML5
HTML5 Structure Elements
Validating HTML5 Code
The <video> Element
The <audio> Element HTML5 APIs

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Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Technology

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Style Guides
CSS Terms and Syntax
Applying CSS Styles
Page Layout with CSS
CSS Positioning Schemes
The CSS Box Model

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Introduction to CSS Version 3 (CSS3)

Introduction to CSS3
CSS3 Selectors and Properties
CSS3 Background Properties
CSS3 Border Properties
CSS3 Font Properties
CSS3 Text Effects

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Using Advanced CSS3 Techniques

Introduction to Advanced CSS3 Techniques
CSS3 2D and 3D Transformations
CSS3 Transitions
CSS3 Animations
CSS3 User Interfaces
Creating Menus and Buttons with CSS3

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Introduction to JavaScript

HTML5 and JavaScript
Introduction to Scripting
JavaScript Characteristics
JavaScript vs. Other Languages
Embedding JavaScript into HTML5 Documents
JavaScript and Common Programming Concepts
Objects, Properties and Methods
Expressions and Operators

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JavaScript Events, Functions and Methods

User Events and JavaScript Event Handlers
Introduction to JavaScript Functions
Defining a Function
Calling a Function
Methods as Functions
Errors in JavaScript

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Using HTML5 APIs

Introduction to HTML5 APIs
Document Object Model (DOM)
Common HTML5 APIs
The Canvas API
The Offline AppCache API
The Geolocation API
The Drag-and–Drop API
The File API
The History API
Retrieving Data with XMLHttpRequest Manipulating Data with jQuery

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Developing HTML5 Forms

Introduction to HTML5 Forms
Cross-Browser Compatible HTML5 Forms
HTML5 Form Input Types
New Form Elements in HTML5
HTML5 Global Attributes for Form Elements

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Completing, Submitting and Validating User Input Forms

Improving Forms with HTML5
HTML5 Attributes for the <form> Element
HTML5 Attributes for the <input> Element
Submitting Forms with the <button> Element
Concepts and Techniques for Validating User Input
Validating User Input with HTML5 Attributes
Validating User Input with JavaScript

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Designing for Mobile Devices

Introduction to Mobile Design
Mobile Web Sites vs. Mobile Apps
Designing Web Sites for Mobile Devices
Page Layout for Mobile Devices
Navigation and Hyperlinks for Mobile Devices
Images and Mobile Design
Validating and Testing Mobile Web Pages
Responsive Web Design

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