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Winning at Human Relations

Lost productivity, employee turnover, and damaged morale are only a few of the consequences of unresolved conflicts. Positive human relations affect the work environment and ultimately, the success of an organization. Winning at Human Relations shows readers how to build healthy, supportive relationships in the workplace while recognizing behaviours that may lead to self-sabotage.
Duration: 1 day   |   Location : Online
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Part 1: Understanding Human Relations Skills 

  • Recognizing the Importance of Human Relations 
  • Focusing on the Relationship, Not the Personality 
  • Possessing a Positive Attitude 
  • Leveling the Workload 
  • Building Relationships with Co-Workers 
  • Maintaining Relationships Through Communication 
  • Practicing the Mutual Reward Theory 
  • Controlling Reactions to Emotional Trigger Points 
  • Avoiding Absenteeism and Tardiness 
  • Staying Focused During Career Plateaus 
  • Balancing Career and Personal Problems 
  • Preventing Common Misunderstandings 


Part 2: Repairing Damaged Relationships 

  • Being Willing to Repair a Relationship 
  • Opening Up the Relationship for Discussion 
  • Resolving Conflicts 
  • Compromising to Ward Off Conflict 
  • Rebuilding a Relationship with Your Supervisor 
  • Dealing with Sharks 


Part 3: Protecting Yourself from Self-Sabotage 

  • Understanding Self-Sabotage 
  • Acknowledging the Impact on Self and Career 
  • Guarding Against Escalating Conflict 
  • Assessing Risk Level in a Relationship 
  • Agreeing on Contributions to the Relationship 
  • Knowing Your Vulnerability to Self-Sabotage 
  • Looking at the Big Picture 


Part 4: Putting It All Together into a Winning Strategy 

  • Ten Techniques for Winning at Human Relations 
  • Technique 1: Create and Maintain a Variety of Relationships 
  • Technique 2: See Relationships, Not Personalities 
  • Technique 3: Practice the Mutual Reward Theory 
  • Technique 4: Let Small Irritations Pass 
  • Technique 5: Recognize Warning Signals 
  • Technique 6: Choose Advisers Carefully 
  • Technique 7: Distance Yourself from Unresolvable Conflict 
  • Technique 8: Know When to Compromise 
  • Technique 9: Have a Plan B Ready 
  • Technique 10: Protect Your Attitude
CTU Training Solutions , Updated: December 4th, 2020

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