Unit Standard ID: 242829 Monitor the level of service to a range of customers - CTU Training Solutions

Unit Standard ID: 242829 Monitor the level of service to a range of customers

PURPOSE OF THE UNIT STANDARD The purpose of this unit standard is to encompass the skills needed to monitor the level of service between an organisation and its customers, both internal and external. This Unit Standard is intended for junior managers of organisations. The qualifying learner is capable of: Identifying internal and external customers, where applicable. Explaining standards of customer service expected by the organisation. Measuring customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis. Recommending corrective action.
Duration: 5 Days   |   Location : Online
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Identify internal and external customers, where applicable.

  1. The supply chain of the organisation is explained, with examples.
  2. ‘Supply chain’ includes, but is not limited to, internal and external suppliers and customers, contractors, service providers, consultants and members of the sales team.
  3. The internal or external customers of the team leader’s work unit are identified, with examples.


Explain the standards of customer service expected by the organisation.

  1. Key performance areas for the team regarding customer service are explained, according to organisational requirements.
  2. The importance of maintaining and achieving customer service levels are explained, with examples.
  3. The consequences of poor service on the organisation’s objectives are explained, with examples.


Measure customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis.

  1. Key performance areas are measured against organisational standards.
  2. Information is recorded regarding performance against accepted standards.


Recommend corrective action.

  1. Feedback on performance is provided to team members, according to Standard Operating Procedures.
  2. Corrective action is identified if required, and recommendations are made to line management.



  • This Unit Standard will be assessed by an assessor and moderated by a moderator registered with the relevant accredited ETQA.
  • Assessors should be in possession of a relevant qualification that is at least one level higher than the level of this unit standard.
  • Training providers must be accredited by a relevant ETQA.
  • Assessment should include both formative and summative assessments.
CTU Training Solutions , Updated: February 16th, 2021

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