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Telephone and Frontline Skills

This course equips delegates with key communication skills and covers each of the major functions of telephone and front-line roles. In many businesses, the telephone is a customer’s first contact with a company; a friendly ad professional receptionist can immediately create an impression.
Duration: 1 Day   |   Location : Online
Course Prerequisites:
Computer Literacy
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Course Content

Part 1: Quality Customer Service
You Play a Key Role
Customer Service Is Everyone’s Responsibility
The Importance of the Telephone Within Your Organization

Part 2: Proper Telephone Skills
Skill 1: Handling the Telephone
Skill 2: Mastering Voice Inflection
Skill 3: Using Your Best Voice
Skill 4: Addressing the Caller
Skill 5: Answering the Telephone
Skill 6: Practicing Effective Listening
Skill 7: Managing Objections
Skill 8: Learning the Art of Negotiation
Skill 9: Making the Service Follow-Up Call
Skill 10: Asking Questions
Skill 11: Making the Outbound Service Call
Skill 12: Delivering Bad News
Skill 13: Managing Different Caller Behaviors
Skill 14: Managing Telephone Messages
Skill 15: Managing the Customer Callback
Skill 16: Avoiding Statements That Give the Wrong Impression
Skill 17: Managing Technology
Skill 18: Closing the Conversation

Part 3: Understanding Customer Needs
Take Time to Understand
What Your Customer Wants
Interpreting Customer Needs
Attitude Is Your Key to Success
Quality Customer Service Defined

Part 4: Managing the Customer’s Perception
Create a Positive Image

Part 5: A–F
Attitude: It’s Your Choice
Be Friendly Before You Know Who It Is
Buffer Words
Bureaucratic Bounce
Call Centers
Cellular Phones
Company Jargon
Controlling the Conversation
Don’t Be Too Busy to Be Nice
Eight Great Hates
Emotional Leakage
Fast Talkers
Five Forbidden Phrases
Foreign Accents
Front-Line Operators

CTU Training Solutions , Updated: July 14th, 2017

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