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Telephone Courtesy & Customer Service

The 50-Minute Manager Series was designed to cover critical business and professional development topics in the shortest time possible. Our easy-to-read, easy-to-understand format can be used for self-study or classroom training, or even office training. With a wealth of hands-on exercises, the 50-Minute books keep you engaged and help you retain critical skills. We all depend on phones every day, and we each have different phone communication styles. But few people realize how essential proper telephone techniques are to business. The fact is telephone skills are critical to quality customer service. Through this self-paced book, you will learn how to represent your company and satisfy the needs of customers through effective telephone usage..
Duration: Self-study or classroom training   |   Location : Online
Course Prerequisites:
Computer Literacy
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Virtual instruction environments are designed to simulate the traditional classroom or learning experience. Instructor-led training is still the number one delivery method of choice because it allows you to interact and discuss the training material, either individually or in a group setting, and you gain access to expert knowledge from certified instructors. This form of guided learning is impactful and produces positive learning outcomes. Day, evening and Saturday classes are offered.

Course Objective: Complete this book, and you’ll know how to:

  • Define quality customer service.
  • Employ nine basic but important telephone skills.
  • Professionally manage complex customer telephone calls
  • Manage various customer behavior styles on the telephone
  • Interpret customer wants and deliver positive customer service actions

Course Content

Part 1: Quality Customer Service

Quality Customer Service
Customer Service Is Everyone’s Responsibility
Providing Added Service
Part Summary

Part 2: Basic Telephone Skills

Skill 1: Handling the Telephone
Skill 2: Answering the Telephone
Skill 3: Mastering Voice Inflection
Skill 4: Using Your Best Voice
Skill 5: Addressing the Caller
Skill 6: Making the Outbound Call
Skill 7: Practicing Effective Listening
Skill 8: Managing Telephone Messages
Skill 9: Closing the Conversation
Part Summary

Part 3: Professional Telephone Skills

Skill 1: Asking Questions
Skill 2: Learning to Negotiate
Skill 3: Making the Service Follow-Up Call
Skill 4: Delivering Bad News
Skill 5: Avoiding Statements That Give the Wrong Impression
Skill 6: Managing Technology
Part Summary

Part 4: Understanding Customers

Manage Various Customer Behavior Styles
The Assertive Customer Wants Results
The Angry Customer Wants Action
The Amiable Customer Wants to Work Together
The Expressive Customer Wants to Be Engaged
The Analytical / Detail-Oriented Customer Wants Accuracy
Into Action: A Three-Step Plan
What about Your Behavioral Style?
Part Summary

Part 5: What Customers Want and the Role of Attitude

Take Time to Understand
Interpreting Customer Needs
Positive Attitude Is a CHOICE!
Attitude Is Your Key to Success
Your Personal Action Plan for a More Positive Attitude
Part Summary
CTU Training Solutions , Updated: November 6th, 2023

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