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Selling Skills

Many salespeople are still too quick to tell a product story. While most need solution, they present product. They do more talking than listening which creates a give/get rather than 50/50 dialogue. Thus the level of preparation and questioning does not measure up. Everything else is changing but the old formulas of selling features and benefits are still around which prevents salespeople from becoming superb. This workshop will tap into your natural talents, help you take advantage and build on your personal strengths, and create Sales talk that sells.
Duration: 5 Days   |   Location : Online
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Virtual Interactive Lecturer-led Teaching (VILT)

Virtual instruction environments are designed to simulate the traditional classroom or learning experience. Instructor-led training is still the number one delivery method of choice because it allows you to interact and discuss the training material, either individually or in a group setting, and you gain access to expert knowledge from certified instructors. This form of guided learning is impactful and produces positive learning outcomes. Day, evening and Saturday classes are offered.

Course Content

  • Analyse current sales talk and measure the give/get ratio.
  • Increase sales dialogue for increased sales results.
  • Learn to prioritise conversation. Start with your objective.
  • Learn the core importance of building rapport.
  • Identify opportunities for acknowledgment.
  • Pave the way for creating the need dialogue.
  • Personalise the questioning strategy that gives way to true need dialogue.
  • Learn that the question mark is the most important punctuation mark in sales grammar.
  • Learn that effective questioning is half the job of sales.
  • Learn to give as much thought to how you ask your questions as to what you ask.
  • Learn fundamental listening techniques.
  • Know your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify the rule: General objections only get general answers.
  • Ensure the sales compass stays on course.
  • Know when and what to negotiate.
  • Develop the habit of closing inch by inch and on the dotted line.
  • Learn that everyone knows someone. Good salespeople know how to turn six degrees of separation into seven-figure sales.
  • Explore the power and use of the word, “Thank you”.
  • Ensure ongoing validation during the sales conversation. Six critical skills: presence, relating, questioning, listening, positioning, and most important, checking.
  • Change the paradigm of the modern sales person from ‘expert’ to being a ‘resource’.
CTU Training Solutions , Updated: July 17th, 2017

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