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Sales Prospecting, Qualifying and Completing

Course Description The target student for this course is someone who currently works in the sales field and wants to become a better sales representative. This course introduces students to a sales model that has a five... Show More
Course Prerequisites:
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2 Days

Course Content

Unit 1: Introduction to selling

Topic A: Introduction to buying and selling
A-1: Defining FABs

Topic B: The sales model
B-1: Identifying your products and services
B-2: Discussing the sales model

Unit 2: Sales skills

Topic A: Organization
A-1: Prioritizing sales activities
A-2: Planning quotas

Topic B: Communication
B-1: Practicing tongue twisters
B-2: Discussing body language

Topic C: Personal motivation
C-1: Identifying the benefits of motivation
C-2: Developing your motivation

Unit 3: The sales process

Topic A: The selling process
A-1: Identifying stages of the selling process

Topic B: The buying process
B-1: Identifying stages of the buying process

Unit 4: Prospecting

Topic A: Introduction to prospecting
A-1: Defining your target market
A-2: Defining your target customer

Topic B: Prospecting methods
B-1: Discussing prospecting methods
B-2: Discussing gatekeepers

Topic C: Phone prospecting
C-1: Developing a cold-call sales script

Unit 5: Qualifying

Topic A: The qualifying process
A-1: Identifying decision criteria
A-2: Improving your listening skills

Topic B: The questioning process
B-1: Discussing the questioning process
B-2: Developing probing questions
B-3: Writing qualifying questions

Unit 6: Presenting

Topic A: Selling process and strategy
A-1: Discussing positioning

Topic B: Buyer types
B-1: Identifying buyer types

Topic C: Presenting to buyers
C-1: Writing your elevator pitch
C-2: Handling objections
C-3: Discussing post-meeting activities

Unit 7: Completing

Topic A: Negotiating
A-1: Negotiating to make a sale

Topic B: Closing the sale
B-1: Developing closing questions

Unit 8: Servicing

Topic A: Customer service
A-1: Discussing customer service

Topic B: Service as a process
B-1: Discussing Responsive CARE

Unit 9: Using what you’ve learned

Topic A: The implementation phase
A-1: Recording ideas from satori moments
A-2: Committing to improvement

Topic B:Resources and tools

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