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PM Admin Processes Implement project administration processes according to requirements

Implement project administration processes according to requirements
Duration: 2 Days   |   Location : Online
Course Prerequisites:
Learners accessing this qualification will have demonstrated competence in mathematics and communication skill... Show More
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Purpose of the unit standard:

The purpose of this unit standard is to facilitate learning and to ensure that learners are able to cope with learning in the context
of learnerships, skills programmes, and other learning programmes. Many adult learners in the FET band have not been in a learning situation for a long time, and need learning and study strategies and skills to enable successful progression. Learners competent at this level will be able to deal with learning materials, to access and use useful resources, to seek clarification
and help when necessary, and apply a range of learning strategies. They do this with an understanding of the features and processes of the workplace and occupations to which their learning programme refer.

Learners credited with this unit standard are able to:

  • Access and use suitable learning resources
  • Techniques for Selecting Artwork
  • Use learning strategies
  • Manage occupational learning programme materials
  • Conduct basic research, analyse and present findings
  • Function in a team
  • Reflect on how characteristics of the workplace and occupational context affect learning

Course Content

Execute processes and standards to support project change control.

Specific Outcome

  • Project change control processes are used according to policies and procedures
  • Procedure for initiating project change request is communicated to relevant stakeholders using appropriate communication techniques
  • Procedures and templates are available to request a change on a project.
  • Log and file of project change requests are maintained according to procedures
  • Status of project change requests is followed-up, using agreed procedures

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Update and communicate status of change requests.

Specific Outcome

  • Status of project change requests are recorded and reported on using agreed procedures
  • Tracking, recording and reporting of status of change requests are completed using agreed procedures
  • Communication with impacted stakeholders is completed within agreed procedures.

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Administer the project library/repository to support change to affected items.

Specific Outcome

  • Project library / repository is administered to agreed procedures and standards
  • Change of approved documents or items is undertaken after gaining authorisation and approval
  • Changed documents or items are redistributed and communicated to relevant stakeholders using appropriate communication techniques
  • Relevant individuals are informed of proposed and actual changes

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Maintain project organisational information.

Specific Outcome

  • Project organisation (structure) information records are maintained in accordance with procedures
  • Communication plans, distribution lists and/or project member directories are recorded, utilized and maintained according to project needs
  • Project staff and / or consultant information records are maintained in accordance with instructions

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CTU Training Solutions , Updated: July 23rd, 2019

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