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Negotiation Skills

This 5-part negotiation course will assist you in discovering strategies and tactics, attitudes and processes as well as the best process to follow in any areas including retail, finance, marketing, procurement and sales both inside the organisation and outside. This course will provide you the necessary skills to remain in control of any negotiation situation.
Duration: 1 day   |   Location : Online
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Part 1: An Introduction to Negotiation 

What Is Negotiation? 

Negotiation—Some Practical Definitions 

Identifying Opportunities for Negotiation 

To Negotiate or Not—That Is the Question 

Negotiation and Conflict 

Understanding Types of Negotiation 


Part 2: Negotiation: Attitudes and Approaches 

Negotiation Styles 

The Win-Win Approach to Negotiation 

The Give/Get Principle of Negotiation 

Managing Conflict During Negotiation 

Conflict Resolution Styles 

Characteristics of a Successful Negotiator 

Case Study: A Buy-Sell Negotiation 


 Part 3: Negotiation: The Process 

Preparing to Negotiate 

Collecting Detailed Information 

Negotiator’s Guide to Preparation 

The Seven Basic Steps in Negotiating 

Step 1: Getting to Know the Negotiators 

Step 2: Stating Goals and Objectives 

Step 3: Starting the Process 

Step 4: Revealing Disagreement and Conflict 

Step 5: Narrowing the Gap Between Negotiators 

Step 6: Finding Alternatives for Resolution 

Step 7: Agreement in Principle, Settlement, and Acknowledgment 

Reviewing the Seven Basic Steps in Negotiating 


Part 4: Strategies and Tactics 

Negotiating Through Give to Get 

Five Basic Strategies in Action 

Identifying Other Negotiation Strategies 

Ten Critical Mistakes to Avoid 


Part 5: Developing Your Skills 

Case Study: Negotiating a Project Plan 

Applying What You Have Learned 

CTU Training Solutions , Updated: December 4th, 2020

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