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Coping with Workplace Grief

The losses we experience are seldom ones we have control over. Changes in the workplace, such as mergers, downsizing, and reorganization, or the death or serious illness of a loved one or a co-worker, affect our morale and productivity. If you are coping with major changes in your life, you may be feeling pain, anger, or fear--and that's perfectly normal. COPING WITH WORKPLACE GRIEF shows you that you are not alone, and that grieving is not a sign of weakness or a bad attitude. Not only are you allowed to grieve, you can, and should, ask for help. This course could be your first step in the healing process. You will learn about the sources of change in the workplace, and explore the different ways people react to change. If you are helping a grieving person cope, this course offers techniques to help you give this person support. Everyone grieves differently, and there is no timetable for mourning. But you can find the courage to get through. This course will show you how.
Duration: 1 Day   |   Location : Online
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Course Content

Part 1: Sources of Loss and Grief in the Workplace

  • Ongoing Workplace Change
  • Mergers, Layoffs, and Reorganization
  • The Effects of Workplace Change
  • Co-Worker Deaths, Accidents, and Disasters
  • The Stages of Workplace Transformation

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Part 2: The Complexities of Grief

  • Attachment, Bonding, and Loss
  • Defining Grief and Its Causes
  • Why All Loss Is Like a Death
  • Different Tears for Different Peers
  • Bowlby’s Basic Phases of Loss and Mourning
  • Kübler-Ross Descriptions of Reactions to Loss

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Part 3: The Effects of Grief on Employees

  • What Grieving Employees Are Feeling
  • Expressions of Grief in the Workplace
  • Changes in Employee Attitudes and Behaviors
  • Grief Reactions to Change-Loss
  • Why Productivity Plummets Amid Grief
  • The Pitfalls of Not Attending to Grief
  • The Three Sources of Unresolved Grief
  • The Costs of Storing, Rather Than Addressing, Grief
  • New Meanings for the New Workplace

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Part 4: Helping Employees Cope

  • Workplace Change and Loss: The Burdens and Benefits
  • The Four Tasks of Workplace Mourning
  • Helping People Heal by Listening
  • Do’s and Don’ts for Supporting Grieving Employees
  • Quick Tips for Helping
  • Ten Guidelines for Organizations Undergoing Change
  • Grief Support During Organizational Transition
  • A Final Statement

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CTU Training Solutions , Updated: January 29th, 2019

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