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Basics of Budgeting: Become a better business planner

Have you just been asked to create your first budget? Have you learned from experience that there are skills you need help with? You can gain practical tips and techniques quickly to help you participate in the budgeting process with confidence. Learn skills proven in the real world that you can apply on the job right away.
Duration: 1 Day   |   Location : Online
Course Prerequisites:
Computer Literacy
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Course Content

Part 1: The Basics of Planning

The Information Frontier
Rules for Jungle Fighters

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Part 2: How to Build a Strategic Plan

How to Build Plans Efficiently
A Strategic Plan
The Mission Statement
Analyzing the External Environment
Analyzing Internal Capabilities
Putting It All Together

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Part 3: Annual Operating Plan Preliminaries

Drafting Annual Goals
Organizational Planning
Creating a Fiscal Calendar
Fiscal Managers
Accounting System Tune-Up

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Part 4: How to Budget Sales and Cost of Sales

A Five-Step Approach to Sales History
Assumptions: Improving Your Vision of the Future
Projections: Building a Chain of Inference
How to Budget Cost of Sales

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Part 5: How to Budget Labor Expenses

Labor Expenses
Payroll Calculations
Handling Increases
Labor Planning Tips

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Part 6: How to Budget Depreciation and Other Expenses 85

Other Expenses
Depreciation Expense
Quick Estimates of Depreciation Expense

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Part 7: Balance Sheet and Cash Plans 97

Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Overview
Balance Sheet Calculations

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Part 8: Reviewing, Planning, and Executing Budgets

How to Conduct Budget Reviews
How to Participate in a Budget Review
Planning and Executing a Budget Process

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Part 9: Adjusted Plans and Forecasting

How to Create an Adjusted Plan
Managing Adjusted Plans
Creating Forecasts
Using Plans to Improve Business Control

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CTU Training Solutions , Updated: January 31st, 2019

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