Red Hat Training courses

Red Hat Training Courses

red hat training courses
Red Hat Training’s hands-on, task-focused courses and Red Hat certifications give your team the skills they need to implement real-world changes; better and faster. And since that knowledge is coming from the source, you know it’s the most relevant, current, and comprehensive education out there.

Your IT staff is your most valuable asset. Their knowledge and skills determine the success of your technologies, which translate into the success of your business. Without a well-trained IT staff, you sacrifice performance and security and your organization won’t fully reap the price and performance benefits of your Red Hat environment.

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Available Red Hat Training Courses

The course information below is subject to change without notification due to market trends in the industry, legislation and/or programme version updates.


RHCSA courses (Red Hat Certified Systems Administration)

Course NameDurationView Course
RH124 Red Hat System Administration 15 DaysView Course
RH134 Red Hat System Administration 24 DaysView Course
RH135 Red Hat System Administration II with EX200 Exam5 DaysView Course
EX200 Red Hat Certified System Administrator Exam2.5 hoursView Course
RH199 Red Hat System Administration Rapid Track4 DaysView Course
RH200 RHCSA Fast Track Course with EX200 Exam5 DaysView Course

RHCSE courses (Red Hat Certified Systems Engineer)

Course NameDurationView Course
RH254 Red Hat Certified Engineer4 DaysView Course
RH255 Red Hat Certified Engineer with EX300 Exam5 DaysView Course
EX300 Red Hat Certified Engineer exam3.5 hoursView Course
RH299 Red Hat System Engineer Fast Track4 DaysView Course
RH300 RHCE Rapid Track Course with EX200 and EX300 Exams5 DaysView Course

RHCOE courses (Red Hat Certificate of Expertise)

Course NameDurationView Course
RH318 Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization4 DaysView Course
EX318 Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Exam3 hoursView Course
RH413 Red Hat Server Hardening4 DaysView Course
EX413 Red Hat Server Hardening Exam4 hoursView Course
RH401 Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management4 DaysView Course
EX401 Red Hat Enterprise Deployment & Systems Management Exam4 HoursView Course
RH404: System Management with Red Hat Satelite 6 with Expertise Exam (EX403)4 DaysView Course
RH436 Red Hat Enterprise Clustering and Storage Management4 DaysView Course
EX436 Red Hat Enterprise Clustering & Storage Management Exam4 HoursView Course
RH442 Red Hat Enterprise Performance Tuning4 DaysView Course
EX442 Red Hat Enterprise Performance Tuning Exam4 HoursView Course
RH333 Red Hat Enterprise Security Network Services4 Days

Open Stack courses

Course NameDurationView Course
CL210 Red Hat OpenStack Administration4 DaysView Course
EX210 Red Hat OpenStack Administration Exam3 HoursView Course